Includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping. Dancers learn strong movements and isolations to various types of current and appropriate hip-hop music. All hip hop is age appropriate.*


A classical form of dance focusing on the specific body placement and posture of the positions and forms of the style of Ballet. Dancers will learn traditional Ballet technique, positions, and choreography dependant upon their age and ability.***


Isolations, improvisation, and high energy are all components to learn when mastering this style. Syncopated rhythm and developing skills are two very important components of a jazz class.

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Draws on components from both Ballet and Modern. Rapidly becoming a popular style of dance because of shows like "So You Think You Can Dance". Breathing, flexibility, strength of movement, and expressionism are all essential components. Our contemporary program is for our slightly older dancers.


Ages: Walking-36 months. This class is for our "little ones" who can walk, up to 36 months. During class, the mother is present to assist the little one in learning basic rythym and dance movement to prepare them to become a little dancer!




AgeS: 3-4. Focusing on a mixture of ballet, modern, and jazz with this combination class. They will learn to count music, use their entire bodies while dancing, and learn choreography in this preperatory class.


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** Our ballet program will include "Leotard Color Advancement". This means that as a dancer progresses, he or she is able to advance to higher color leotards which represent a higher level of ballet comprehension and overal ability. Leotard levels begin at white and end with black.

*Our Hip Hop program will include "Scarf Color Advancement".  Same system as above.

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